Apart from the benefits of learning martial arts and self-defense techniques, Kung Fu classes for kids are designed to help kids to develop key skills such as coordination, balance and healthy lifestyle.


Learn the MGK approach of Wing Chun, covering all aspects of martial arts from combat sports to self-defense, and improve your health and lifestyle by developing strength, cardio and other useful skills.


By booking private sessions you can enjoy a personalised programme suited to your background and objectives, a training plan adapted to your schedule and an instructor fully focused on your specific needs.


Covid-19 arrangements
Please see information below about our arrangements to the current situation.

Covid-19 arrangements

Dear members, dear friends,


As you know, we are going through an international pandemic and all of us are experiencing an unprecedented situation.

To keep our members as safe as possible and at the same time keep providing the highest quality service possible, please note the following changes :

  • All group classes as stated on the official schedule are suspended until further notice, from Monday 30 March 2020.
  • MGK Fight Club will continue operating private sessions, for 1 to maximum 4 participants, for kids and adults.
  • Private coaching can be done online.
  • Private sessions at MGK venue will be booked as usual by WhatsApp group confirmation or private message to me.
  • Private sessions can be booked at any time of the day, providing you with maximum flexibility depending on your schedule.
  • Training will be offered only to people who have NOT travelled abroad in the last 14 days, or have been in close contact with someone in this situation.
  • Members who share private sessions together are encouraged to train regularly with the same group of partners, as much as possible.
  • Each member commits to take maximum precautions to keep oneself and other members safe.
  • Fees for April 2020 : the standard fee of HK$1,200 per hour for a private session is applicable, no matter how many participants (it could be HK$600 each for 2, and HK$300 each for 4 participants).
  • Monthly fees : a special rate for “unlimited” private sessions is now offered at HK$3,000 for April 2020 only. Contact me for specific details.
  • No extra charge for weekend or public holiday bookings until further notice.
  • No extra charge for travelling to your home or any other locations within Discovery Bay. Travel fees will only apply for bookings outside Discovery Bay.
  • Existing members : all members who have committed to pay the usual monthly membership fee by autopay can stop the membership if they wish. I will NOT ask anyone to keep paying the regular monthly membership if I do not provide the service.


Thanks to all our loyal members for your support through all these years since 2014, I hope we can adapt to the situation and keep going together ! Let’s train safe and stay strong.


Marc Guyon

+852 93032996

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Marc Guyon is a Wing Chun Instructor and Mixed Martial Artist. Coming from France and currently living in Hong Kong, he started training in Wing Chun Kung Fu in 1999, and teaching in 2005. In 2010, he moved to the UK and started to compete in amateur MMA.

In 2012, he moved to Asia to broaden his knowledge about Wing Chun Kung Fu and Chinese martial arts. He is now based in Hong Kong, coaching and training. He is an active professional MMA fighter, and also competes in Jiu Jitsu and other specific competitions when the opportunity comes.


“As a busy business man, balancing between work and life is never easy, especially for a frequent traveller like me. Following Marc to learn martial arts every Sunday is definitely a good choice to help me clear my mind.”

testimonialDenis HoBusiness Manager

“Learning Kung Fu is something I had never thought about before, but then I met Marc in Hong Kong and decided to give it a try. I really enjoy it since then, and Marc is a very passionate and enthusiastic teacher. I recommend to everybody to try, including women because it can help gain confidence. Kung Fu embodies much more than fighting, it is a philosophy that can help you in your daily life”

testimonialCéline ChouMarketing and Business Development Manager

“It was really a pleasure to begin Kung Fu with Marc because he is an outstanding teacher and person. He makes me like martial arts.”

testimonialThibaud Sarrazin-BoespflugInsurance Broker

“Born and raised in Hong Kong, I have learnt Wing Chun from Marc for almost 2 years. People are always curious why I’m learning a traditional Chinese martial art from a Frenchman. In Marc’s lessons, I see the fusion between the Chinese spirit and the Western culture. My hectic life is much relieved through Marc’s lessons.”

testimonialCarmen Wong
Graphic Designer

testimonialNoé 6 years old


Hard Work, Dedication, Strength



“As a busy business man, balancing between work and life is never easy, especially for a frequent traveller like me. Following Marc to learn martial arts every Sunday is definitely a good choice to help me clear my mind.”
testimonialDenis Ho - Business Manager