New MGK Kids class programmes

New MGK Kids class programmes

MGK kids

New Kids Programmes


Dear members and friends,


After one year and a half experience teaching kids group classes in Discovery Bay, I am pleased to announce that I have decided to create new teaching programmes for kids. Basically, there will be no changes in the global time table or in the cost. The only change will be the way the classes are structured; and I wanted you to be aware of it, for 2 main reasons.

The first reason is that it is obviously normal that you should be aware of the contents of the classes your kids are attending. The second reason is that I am expecting you to give me some feedback, if any, from yourself or your kids. Feel free to let me know what your kids or yourselves like, dislike, or recommend.

Actually, the new programmes have already started this weekend, Saturday 12 and Sunday 13 March 2016. The kids might have already felt some differences in the way their session was structured.


  • Previous situation

Previously, I used to teach kids classes in the following way:

Season 2014-2015: 2 different classes, “Kids Kung Fu” and “Kids Boxing”.

Starting September 2015 until March 2016: Only 1 type of class, “Kids Wing Chun and MMA”.

The combination of Kung Fu (Wing Chun) and MMA in one class for kids was designed to give them a complete approach to martial arts (both traditional and modern sports) because I believe it is important for all of them to develop values of both martial arts and combat sports. I did not want anymore any kids to do only Kung Fu and miss the competition aspect, and other kids to do only boxing and miss the self-defense aspect as well as the values of Kung Fu (tradition, respect, discipline, etc…)

The “Wing Chun & MMA” programme included absolutely everything: Warming up, Kung Fu forms to learn and remember, technical training, physical workout, sparring, etc… and aimed at developing all values and skills of both Kung Fu and combat sports: Hard work, dedication, discipline, respect, memory, fitness, balance, technical skills, self-control, self-confidence, partner work, etc…


  • New programmes

The new programmes will still include all aspects of Kung Fu and combat sports, but there will now be a different focus in each session, depending on the days. The reason is that I believe that kids are able to develop key skills when a full session is dedicated to a specific purpose.

To achieve this, each session will follow programme A or programme B. And the time table will be split between days for programme A and days for programme B.


The time table will be as follows:

Sundays: Programme A one week, and programme B the other week.

Saturdays: Programme B

Wednesdays: Programme A


The programmes will be as follows:

Every programme will focus on specific skills or objectives. Examples for each programme:

Programme A: Self-confidence, competition spirit, team work, working with different partners, fitness…

Programme B: Self-control, concentration, memory work, adaptation, creativity, strategy, self-defense…

Here is a table for your reference, in order to have an idea of the level of focus (from 0 to 5) on each type of skill or objective in each programme. This is only a quick assessment to give you an idea of each programme.

  Skill or objective A B
1 Fitness difficulty 5 1
2 Technical difficulty 2 5
3 Ability and willingness to work with different partners 5 3
4 Adapt to partners of different ages and experience 5 4
5 Optimising benefits when working with the same partner 3 5
6 Team work 5 1
7 Ability to listen 3 5
8 Concentration requirement 1 5
9 Discipline 5 4
10 Self-confidence 5 3
11 Self-control 3 5
12 Work under pressure 5 1
13 Work under fear 5 1
14 Competition spirit 5 0
15 Willingness to work hard 5 3
16 Balance and mobility 5 2
17 Speed and power 5 1
18 Timing and accuracy 3 5
19 Adaptation 2 5
20 Coordination 4 5
21 Creativity 1 5
22 Strategy 4 5
23 Theory and understanding of biomechanics 1 5
24 Identify threats and situations of danger 3 5
25 Know which techniques are dangerous 3 5
26 Self-defense skills in real life situation 1 5


Please feel free to come back to me with any feedback.

Kids are our future. Let’s build a great team!




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