Interview questions for Art Of War FC

Interview questions for Art Of War FC


Here are my responses to interview questions sent by Art Of War FC:

1) Tell us about your family background and growth environment. Did your family put you in martial arts, what do they think about you being an MMA fighter? 
I was born in Marseille, the South of France. My family members were not very athletic, but my father wanted me to learn to defend myself. I was put in a karate class when I was a kid. I liked it but there was no special passion; I trained for one year then I lost interest. It’s only when I was 15 that I started to watch Kung Fu movies and become passionate about Wing Chun and martial arts in general; I trained every day.

Then my family was quite happy that I have a passion other than video games for example, I think they were quite happy to have a “strong boy” in the family.

2) Why did you become an MMA fighter? 
Like many young Wing Chun instructors nowadays, I got interested in MMA and started to diversity my training in order to compete. I think every true martial artist wants to learn the best and most complete form of fighting or self-defense possible. Every true martial artist wants to know which technique is the best in a real fight.

3) What is your fighting style and do you have any special techniques? 
I am a Kung Fu fighter; my background is Wing Chun but my style has evolved to include Western boxing and other combat sports in order to be a complete fighter. I also enjoy more and more submission grappling.


4) What is your MMA record and achievements?  

My record is 2-3. I have finished both my wins via submission, and all my losses were either decision or very stupid mistake. I have the feeling that my record does not reflect what I am really capable of, and I am hungry for more and more fights.

I think I still have a lot to prove, but so far I have managed to switch from a white collar office job to being devoted to my passion full time, which I believe can be considered as an achievement.

Now the next step is to see how far I can go.


5) What do you know about Art of War?
I think Art Of War was the first ever MMA promotion in China, and 2016 is a comeback year after a long break. I know AOW has a very good reputation, and so far this is the first time I am offered to fight with such a busy schedule, flying the whole week before the fight in order to do promotional activities, whereas many other promotions only fly fighters the day before weigh-in. AOW looks very professional; there is a real fight week and I am very excited to make my debut with this promotion.

6 ) What do you know about your opponent? How you rate your opponent’s record and achievements? 
As far as I know, my opponent is a Taiwanese fighter with a 1-2 record. I have seen some videos of his fights, and I am not specially impressed. Furthermore, I can see that in his latest fight, he lost via decision against Li Muha, who was my opponent in my first ever pro MMA fight and who I beat via submission.

But I remain careful and do not want to be too confident. In MMA, fighters can improve a lot when they work really hard.


7) How many % chance you think you will win?
I estimate my chances of winning to be around 70%.


8) What are you going to say to your opponent?
Let’s have a good experience, put on a good fight, a good show, and let the best fighter win!

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