Martial artist from France, currently living in Hong Kong. Marc Guyon has over 16 years experience in Wing Chun Kung Fu and has been teaching for more than 11 years. Trained in Europe and in Hong Kong, he has acquired a thorough understanding of traditional and modern Kung Fu styles, and developed a unique style and teaching system.

His objective is to train you in martial arts and self-defence in the most realistic way possible, as well as guide you through the path of the Kung Fu lifestyle and help you to develop your maximum potential in all aspects of your life.


Full MMA class covering all aspects of Mixed Martial Arts. The philosophy is to be well-rounded, knowing both striking (boxing, Kung Fu, …) and grappling (wrestling, jiu jitsu, …) and being able to apply your martial arts skills in any situation against anyone.


The class is also designed to be for everyone and not to require any martial arts background. It is perfect for busy people who do not have time to train several sessions a weel (boxing + wrestling + BJJ etc…) but still wish to be efficient and learn everything in one class. It is also very important and useful for people who train striking and grappling, but do not know how to combine those skills.

MMA specific training

MMA Striking

Striking Class focused on techniques used in MMA, including punches, kicks, knees, elbows, and ground and pound (striking while on the ground).

A class very similar to kickboxing or Muay Thai, but with more techniques allowed.

MMA Grappling

Grappling Class in MMA outfit (No Gi, fight shorts and rashguard) focused on techniques used in MMA, including submissions but also wrestling, using the wall or cage, and using techniques which are not allowed in BJJ rules.


A class very similar to No Gi BJJ but with a different mindset: The MMA game.


The MGK Wing Chun Kung Fu programme has been developed from Marc Guyon’s extensive experience in European Wing Chun, traditional Hong Kong Wing Chun, and MMA.


Marc Guyon Kung Fu is a Wing Chun style based on a combination of styles rather than the simple learning and teaching of different martial arts separately in different classes (Traditional Wing Chun + Boxing + BJJ +…).


It is a practical and concept-based approach for MMA or pure real life self-defense, which philosphy is to take what is useful and discard what is useless, which is also the philosophy of MMA.


Our Jiu Jitsu programme includes BJJ classes by qualified instructors and Open Mats supervised by experienced athletes in the DB BJJ network. Originally started with Marc Guyon’s fellow team mates from Gracie Barra / Hong Kong Fight Club, the DB BJJ community is now very diverse.

Most MGK BJJ classes are now taught by full time BJJ specialist purple belt Marc Chambaud, and open mats are whenever possible supervised by DB BJJ black and brown belts.


Hard Work, Dedication, Strength



“As a busy business man, balancing between work and life is never easy, especially for a frequent traveller like me. Following Marc to learn martial arts every Sunday is definitely a good choice to help me clear my mind.”
testimonialDenis Ho - Business Manager