MGK End of Season, Grading, Competition Schedule

MGK End of Season, Grading, Competition Schedule

MGK End of Season, Grading, Competition Schedule

First ever adult grading

Today is a very important day. I have promoted my first ever adult students. Lionel and Sean will now wear the Intermediate level colours (grey shirt), which is to certify that they understand the basics of Wing Chun as well as have reached a decent level of sparring in striking arts (MMA, boxing).

It is important to note that this is the MGK grading system, which is different than most Wing Chun systems. In order to be graded, a member must reach a certain level of both self-defense (Wing Chun) and competitive sport (MMA) environments. A member can choose to train only one type of environment, and keep training without ever being graded, which is also perfectly fine.

Also, a higher graded member is expected to help other members through advices and tips. As a consequence, an official promotion also brings more responsibilities. There is no need to feel any rush to be promoted!

Promotion does not depend on competition results, which is the reason why I have promoted Lionel before his fight scheduled next week. What matters is your ability to execute the techniques, drills, and sparring sessions, but also how you behave and how far you have integrated martial arts training into your life. For example, competition results do not really matter but competition preparation does, where you have to focus on an objective, make sacrifices, and maybe lifestyle changes.

I am looking forward to see more and more good work from the whole group, and hopefully more “diversification” (training in both Wing Chun and MMA).


Competition schedule

  • Saturday 25 June: Our members Lionel and Xavier will compete in interclub/white collar boxing at Epic MMA club starting 12:30
  • Taiwan BJJ open on 23-24 July: I will not compete at the Taiwan BJJ open as scheduled, due to being matched for a new MMA fight on July 30th.
  • July 30: MMA fight at Art Of War FC in Beijing.
  • August 20: MMA fight at IMPI 4 in Hong Kong.


New summer schedule

The real end of the season is August, but we usually consider June as the last busy month of a season.

In July and August, the weekend class schedule will change from 10am to 9am for kids, and from 11am to 10am for adults.

Therefore, the schedule will be as follows:

Saturdays and Sundays 09:00-10:00 kids class

Saturdays and Sundays 10:00-11:30 adults class

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