Happy New Year 2021 from MGK

Happy New Year 2021 from MGK

Happy New Year 2021 from MGK !




Dear members, dear friends,

I don’t have one word to describe 2020. So much happened. It was a turning point after over 6 years teaching martial arts in Discovery Bay.

Thanks to so many members who supported us for many years, together we built a project we had been dreaming on for years: the first ever proper martial arts gym in Discovery Bay.

Many of our good old members have helped make this happen and have not yet been able to see it happen in person, due to relocation.

Hong Kong is an amazing place, but also such a special place. Most of us are only here for some time.

One of the main objectives of MGK is to make this time here worth it. More than a sports centre, it is a community, a club, a family.

One of the main challenges in the next few years, will be to expand the MGK spirit to reach beyond Discovery Bay, Hong Kong.

We are working on new tools and ways to stay connected and keep developing our martial arts and fitness skills and spirit, wherever we are.

I would like to take this opportunity to share with you 3 key points for MGK, what we are doing, how we are doing it, and where we are going.


  • What exactly is MGK?


MGK’s concept wants to be disruptive compared to traditional gyms and academies.

MGK is not just a school or an academy. It is a club, a community of members. Our relationship between members is not about one coach and many students, it’s about members among other members.

A class is not really a class, it’s a training session. It’s not a class lead by one coach, it’s a training session where more experienced members help other members.

Even myself, I am not really your instructor. I am coaching you, but I am not your coach. I am simply your fellow member, and I do my best to help you achieve your objectives.

Sometimes the training session will look more like a traditional class, with step-by-step instructions. Sometimes it will simply be members meeting and training together, although of course everything will be arranged so that it will always be supervised and safe.

Practicing martial arts for over 20 years, I have seen everything in different schools and academies. I believe what makes us improve is to constantly question ourselves and doing our best to constantly learn. I am myself learning a lot from fellow professional fighters and coaches, and I also learn from training with beginners. Critical thinking and open mind are essential at MGK.

I believe martial arts is not only about art or sport, but also a science; and our club is a laboratory. Together we are pioneers of the evolution of martial arts, we are keeping what works, and we discard what does not.

Because of that, any training session is like no other; it brings us out of our comfort zone, for everyone, including “coaches”. By training with MGK, you receive tailor made training, in small groups, according to your experience, size, objectives, etc… this is why we have several “coaches” in one class, so each of them can supervise one group.

This method of training is the most efficient I have seen so far. Of course, it comes with a price, premium facility, premium mat space in high end premises, and premium staff service available because we have many training partners and experienced athletes.

I know some of us are asking questions about “coaches”, our plans, and I will not comment here on individual cases especially if they involve personal life reasons, but I can assure you big plans are in the works right now.


MGK is not only a members’ club, but also a professional sports team. We are building a fight team. Our members are not only paying for a “coaching service”, but they are also supporting professional fighters and prospect athletes.

More than “coaches”, we are also recruiting athletes. By developing a team of professional athletes, MGK is bringing additional high level training partners for our members. MGK is not only a club for white collars; it is also a team which will take podiums in international competitions, either professional, amateur, or white-collar competitions.

We want our members to be proud of our community. You are not a member of any team; you are members of a club of champions. Some will be champions on the professional sports level, some will be champions in every day’s life.

All of us are looking for peak performance in everything we do, and we want results in everything we do. MGK is here to bring us results arising from our training, no matter who we are. With classes every day and as early as 6am every day, at regular business hours, at lunch times, late in the evenings, weekends, we have classes for every kind of champion, no matter how busy you are and no matter your schedule.

If you make time for it, if you commit to it with hard work and dedication, there is no other place than MGK to reach your objectives.


Last and not least, what are we doing exactly at MGK?

The original idea of MGK is the martial arts spirit, mixed martial arts, real self-defence. I believe everyone should know how to fight. Let’s say it how it is, yes, it’s learning how to fight, and not only how to defend yourself. Let me explain.

It’s not because you are able to fight that you like fighting. Our values above all are to learn martial arts for our self-improvement, self-defence, respect, and being happy in a community. Our priorities are safety and health.

But we are all fighters. We fight in many areas of our lives. We are currently fighting to go through this covid-19 crisis. Most of the times, we fight not because we want to; we fight because we have to.

MGK prepares us to fight in all areas of our lives. Be ready when we have to. And have the mental strength to keep doing it.

I believe everyone should know how to fight, in the same way everyone should know how to swim or ride a bicycle. It is basic life skills.

At MGK, we have a specific programme which is simply the MGK system. It’s MMA, it’s boxing, it’s Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, it’s self-defence, etc… but it is also a system in itself. This is why we also have a grading system, with different uniforms for beginners, intermediate, advanced, and professionals.

But it is also your choice. You can be here for the MGK system, you can be here for boxing only, or Brazilian Jiu Jitsu only, or for fitness only.

The only thing everyone at MGK must have, is a community spirit, and with the heart and mindset to learn and progress, as well as helping our fellow members to learn and progress.



  • What are our plans for development, recruitment, management?


To reach our objectives in terms of premium service and top world class gym, MGK needs the best members and the best staff.

I believe there is room for anyone with the right mindset and values.


We keep recruiting experienced staff, and mostly trainees.

World class MMA coaches and BJJ black belts are on their way. But more than a traditional martial arts gym, MGK’s specificity is also about tailor made training, not only to receive technical instruction from professionals, but also to have the right training partners and fellow members.

This is the reason why I am welcoming trainees. Because our concept is disruptive, many skills are better learnt here at MGK. It is not only about bringing world class fighters, but also about bringing people who have people’s skills.

Most of all, the kids programme is not only a programme to keep kids busy or attract parents. The kids programme is to make kids champions.

In October and November, we had classes with over 20 kids, split in small groups with sometimes 5 coaches or more. This was not only for social distancing due to the covid-19 situation; this will keep going as our regular standards. Discovery Bay has its specificities, and we might already have the best kids programme in Hong Kong.

Above all, we have managed to develop kids’ interest for MMA. Most gyms are not able to develop a real kids MMA programme. They have kids boxing, they have kids BJJ, but they do not have proper kids MMA.

MGK wants to be a pioneer in MMA training; MMA is the future. MMA is not a mix of boxing and BJJ, and not even a mix of striking and grappling. MMA is simply MMA.

To achieve this, we know MMA coaches are not easily found, even nowadays; and an additional challenge is to find MMA coaches who have the people’s skills to teach kids, and to teach people who are never going to become MMA fighters, not even white-collar fighters. Learning MMA is not for fighting, learning MMA is simply for the challenge and passion to learn the art. Fighting and competition is only a tiny aspect of MMA, and not for everyone. But training is for everyone.

This is why we are recruiting trainees, who can be trainee coaches and/or trainee athletes. MGK is a place for everyone to grow and recreate ourselves.


Finally, I would like to create a board of leading members.

Busy with some coaching outside Discovery Bay, and other projects in addition to MGK, and also because I am myself a martial artist and need time for my own training and hopefully more competitions soon, I wish MGK to be the club for members, by the members.

We are a community, and it is important that the club reflects the needs of the community. If you are a member and want to be part of this members’ board, to brainstorm and create the future together, please contact me. Let’s do this together.


  • Our challenges and our vision


We cannot ignore the current covid-19 situation. We have certainly not started this project at the best time. But let’s remember that every crisis has its opportunities, and that we are fighters. A smooth sea never made a skilled sailor. I believe we have the team and the mindset to go through this storm together.

This crisis has created challenges, struggles, misunderstandings. Some decisions cannot be easily understood. 2020 is a year which also tested all of us, it broke some relationships and created others. So be it.

I want to thank all the people who have kept supporting us no matter what. I want to invite everyone to let me know any feedbacks.

At the same time, I believe we have taken the right decisions. We are still here, and our potential is higher than ever.

Before we opened, in September 2020, so many people almost led me to believe I was totally crazy. I somehow believe they are right; but you know some great projects have started from crazy ideas.

I believe the MGK project has proven to be successfully designed, with everything going beyond expectations until this 4th wave of covid-19.

This strengthens by belief that we are in the right direction, with the main challenge ahead of us being how we handle the covid-19, and not how we have designed the MGK concept.

Therefore, your support in the next few weeks will be critical to MGK.

You belong to a premium club. What’s premium is not only what you have access to immediately, while the gym is currently closed for training (hopefully only until January 6th, and scheduled to reopen on January 7th). What’s premium is also the idea, the concept. With your support, the premium services will be back and even improved, in due time. But now is the time to believe in it and support it.



Thank you all for being part of such an amazing community, we are like a family.

I wish you the best health, fitness, and success possible for 2021, and hope you will fight for what you believe in; and reach all our objectives.


Marc Guyon



Dear beloved friends, and family, Happy New Year.

I feel extremely lucky and grateful joining our MGK family. It has had a huge impact in my life because It gives me purpose and it challenges me to be better and work harder. As you all know, I was a flight attendant before given this opportunity to become a manager of MGK. I decided to dedicate myself to this job because I can proudly say, not only do I love Martial Art, I also am addicted to it, our spirit, our determination, and I believe together we will grow stronger, continue to fight, never give up, and be a role model to our children.
All of our members, kids, adults, give me so much happiness, joy and motivate me to do this job. It’s not really work, it’s actually a pleasure, a passion. I will do my best to learn and be an efficient manager.

We are going through a crisis for the whole martial arts and fitness industry, times are tough but with your support, encouragement, your faith and loyalty, MGK will continue to strive higher and be committed to building a better club for all our members. Our club had gone the extra miles to set up all outdoor and personal training classes to adapt to the regulations due to the virus, so our members can still train even under the closure.

I look forward to seeing everyone back here at the fight club once we can open in early January 2021 hopefully, meanwhile please stay safe.


Suki Yeung

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