Taiwan International BJJ & No Gi championship 2018

Taiwan International BJJ & No Gi championship 2018

Taiwan 2018 on July 21 and 22 has been a great experience, although I only had 2 fights, 2 finales.

The first one was on Saturday, gi. We were 4 competitors in the division, but my first opponent did not show up. Therefore I won the first match by forfeit, and advanced to the finals where I lost via disqualification while attacking the foot lock.

I got disqualified while attacking the foot, my opponent rolled and put my foot in a position to make me disqualified, I’m not sure it should have been like this but that’s the way it is…Anyway, tomorrow my first fight in no gi will be against this guy I just met in the gi finale, so I have an opportunity for revenge 😈

Marc Guyon 阮維安发布于 2018年7月21日周六

I was scheduled to fight the same competitor who won the Gold in gi the day after, in no gi, in my first fight.

Unfortunately, he announced not being able to fight due to “physical condition”. Therefore I won again by forfeit and advanced to the final.

In the final, I won easily the Gold via d’Arce choke.

I am grateful to all the people who helped me, all team mates from Gracie Barra Hong Kong, as well as professor Mario Schembri who already trained me when he was living in Hong Kong and who I am happy to meet again now that he lives in Taipei.



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