Welcome to the new marcguyon.hk

Welcome to the new marcguyon.hk

If you found yourself reading this, you most probably are on MGK’s new website. The address is same old marcguyon.hk, but – as you can see – the look is new and redesigned.

We hope that the new design makes finding information easier, gives more updated idea of MGK and offers a little bit more than you expected.

These are some of our favorite bits from the new marcguyon.hk:

  • Black, red and white first page
  • New testimonials section
  • Picture gallery
  • Embedded Instagram and Facebook feeds
  • Responsive design (easy to use also on mobile or tablet)

Go browse and find your own favorites!

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“As a busy business man, balancing between work and life is never easy, especially for a frequent traveller like me. Following Marc to learn martial arts every Sunday is definitely a good choice to help me clear my mind.”
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